Friday, November 2, 2012


So yeah, I know, I've been neglectful.

Like all my other blogs, I just haven't had time for this, which is unfortunate, since board wargames are a major love of mine.  But, given that I'm making the effort for all of my blogs, I'm going to extend the same effort here, and try to (slowly) get it moving again.

To start, I'm hoping to have an unboxing of Collins Epic Wargames' new product, Spearpoint 1943: Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion, followed by a review of the actual product, once I get it on the table and try it out.

I also have read a few great military history books, for which I'll attempt to get some reviews up here.

After that, I have some ideas of articles to add, so with luck, you'll finally start seeing some posts from me.

I'm also really back into miniature gaming- for posts on that, head over to my blog, Boisterous Exuberance.

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