Friday, May 28, 2010

News for week ending 5/27/10

  • Against the Odds has begun shipping Issue #28, featuring Tarleton's Quarter, a game about the British invading the Southern States during the American Revolutionary War. I'm sure there will be great articles as well, so looking forward to getting it.
  • Mikugames has posted a preliminary date for when they'll start getting payments for their first game, Vol 1. Winter War 1939-1940. Beautiful map, great counters, and just a FANTASTIC looking game! I can't wait! Especially when the rest of the series comes out.
  • Critical Hit Games added a few new ASL products. If you're interested, take a look. I won't list them all.
Looks like I'll be moving on June 19th! My gaming life can finally start again after that

Friday, May 21, 2010

News for 5/21/10

  • DVG mentions that their game Guns Blazing (second game in the Down in Flames series) is in the last days of pre-order (ie today or tomorrow). Order it now if you want it at the pre-order price!
  • Collins Epic Wargames' Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 is in production! That means the people who ordered it should be seeing it in the not-too-distant future. Looking forward to it, myself.

Otherwise, another fairly slow week in gaming news. Girlfriend moved down, a new place found, so another month to get up and moving, and then I should be able to get back into the gaming thing! Then I can have some much more content-inclusive posts coming up!

Friday, May 14, 2010

News for week ending 5/14/10

Yay, more news!

  • Clash of Arms put up a new pre-order: Persian Incursion, exploring the military and political effects of an Israeli military campaign against Iran.
  • DVG is saying that their pre-order price for Down in Flames - Guns Blazing is almost at an end. If you want it at that price, order it!
  • Decision Games is shipping World At War #12, covering an alternate history WWII scenario. Read the page for the situation and more information.
  • GMT Games updated their schedule. One of the things mentioned was a September release of 5 reprints! Flying Colors, Here I Stand, Manoeuvre, Paths of Glory, and Sword of Rome will all be reprinted that month. I'm looking forward to it. May pick up all 5, money permitting :). Some great games in that list!
  • Lock 'N Load will be shipping Lock 'N Load: Swift and Bold V2 early next week. All about the British paratroopers.
I gotta apologize for the lack of non-news updates. I was expecting to have a lot of cool things here, but it just hasn't happened yet. A lot of it is the fact that my girlfriend moves in this weekend, which means I had a LOT of cleaning up to do. Messy messy house, after all. Hopefully in another week or so! I really really want to do more with the site. Hopefully soon.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Week ending 5/7/10 news

Another poor week, gaming-wise (really really trying to rectify it). Won my first game of Advanced Squad Leader on Tuesday during playtesting (never mind that the scenario was probably a bit unbalanced in my favor :().

  • c3i #24 up for pre-order, from GMT games. Plenty of good articles and scenarios included, as always.
  • Birds of Prey: Airborne Alert and Birds of Prey: Reinforcement Pack A are shipping from Ad Astra Games. If I ever actually played my copy of Birds of Prey (or even finished reading the rules) maybe I'd get them.
  • Multi-Man Publishing is having a sale on some products, including an ASL Action Pack bundle for a few days.

That's all for this week. Again, hopefully a wargame of some sort tomorrow, but I guess we'll have to see.