Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week ending update

No news, that I see at least, but I did get a new game!

Battle for Baghdad from MCS Group. It's a 3-6 player game covering the difficult military/political system in Baghdad from 2003-2008.

Hopefully, I'll get this baby on the table this Saturday, and may actually play some wargames, meaning I'll have a post with real content and pictures!

Friday, April 23, 2010

New arrivals!

Alright, more things came in the mail today:
Not a whole lot going on otherwise. I've been playing Advanced Squad Leader on Tuesday nights at the MMP Headquarters. ASL is a great game, it's always great to get more time playing it. I've started writing a game review, it's just slow coming, since I've never tried it before. Hope to have an attempt at one soon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

News for week ending 4/23/10

  • Avalanche Press has begun shipping Infantry Attacks: August 1914. It's the World War I version of their popular Panzer Grenadier game series. This covers the Eastern Front during that time
  • Victory Point Games will soon be selling Levee en Masse on the 29th, but is apparently available at GMT West. A solitaire game on the French Revolution? That has potential...
  • DDH Games is having a sale! An additional 10% off in-stock games until Saturday. Yeah, short notice, but I'm trying to stick to once a week for news.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

News for 4/15/10

Alright, I'm going to be changing this to doing one news thing a week, most likely. This way I can force myself to post about everything else I'm doing :).

GMT Games has a new pre-order available: Unconditional Surrender. It's a Strategic-level simulation of World War II, including a political system. Also, apparently plays well solitaire! I will definitely take a look at it when it gets closer to being published.

Avalanche Press has begun shipping Second World War at Sea: Spice Islands. 10 scenarios covering the Dutch vs the Japanese.

Also, voting is open for the Charles S. Roberts awards. You can vote here. It's a very well-known award for historical wargaming excellence. You can read about the award here.

Alright, that's it for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be my first review!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things from the weekend, and Monday, 4/12/2010

Oooh, new shiny products!

A few new Pre-orders are up around the web:

  • Lock 'N Load: Swift and Bold V2 (expands Band of Heroes to include British Paratroopers), from Lock 'N Load.
  • Battle for Britain from ADG. I've not played any game on the battle, so I know nothing about how good this will end up being.
  • Fatal Alliances III from ADG. It's a stand-alone game for World War I based off World in Flames.
  • Khaki in Flames from ADG- Khaki replacements for the dark blue Commonwealth counters included in World in Flames.
  • WiF Blitz! from ADG. An Army-level version of World in Flames. Plays the entire war in about 15 hours, according to the site.
  • WiF Master Edition from ADG. Umm, a variant way to play World in Flames that's even more complicated and descriptive? I read through the description, that seems right. Doesn't the game have enough complexity?
I'm doing a better job keeping up with some other companies, so hopefully I can keep people notified twice a week or so about new releases/pre-orders. Who doesn't want to know when great games are coming out?

Monday, April 5, 2010

A package today!

Received my pre-order of Chariots of Fire from GMT today.

Chariots of Fire is volume 14 of the Great Battles of History series, covering ancient battles and military systems. I think it does a fantastic job of giving the players a feel for how ancient military systems work, from the Roman Manipular Legion to the Mongolian horse archers.

This one covers warfare in ancient Egypt and Assyria. It includes 9 scenarios including the Battle of Megiddo (around 1479 B.C.) which may be the earliest battle with fairly accurate historical information, and the battle of Kadesh (around 1300 B.C.), the largest chariot battle in history!

Hopefully I'll give this one a shot sometime, although I've been saying that about the other games in the series for so long, who knows :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wargame Publishers

I added a list of active (still in existence) board wargame publishers on the right. If anyone knows anymore, please let me know!

I left out most DTP publishers, mainly because it's hard to tell if many are still around, and what products they support and whatnot. Plus, I hate having to do work for my games (if they have die-cut counters, I'll happily list them :) ).

Valley Games is also missing, because I think something is up with their website, and don't want to look until I get home.