Monday, April 5, 2010

A package today!

Received my pre-order of Chariots of Fire from GMT today.

Chariots of Fire is volume 14 of the Great Battles of History series, covering ancient battles and military systems. I think it does a fantastic job of giving the players a feel for how ancient military systems work, from the Roman Manipular Legion to the Mongolian horse archers.

This one covers warfare in ancient Egypt and Assyria. It includes 9 scenarios including the Battle of Megiddo (around 1479 B.C.) which may be the earliest battle with fairly accurate historical information, and the battle of Kadesh (around 1300 B.C.), the largest chariot battle in history!

Hopefully I'll give this one a shot sometime, although I've been saying that about the other games in the series for so long, who knows :)

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