Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things from the weekend, and Monday, 4/12/2010

Oooh, new shiny products!

A few new Pre-orders are up around the web:

  • Lock 'N Load: Swift and Bold V2 (expands Band of Heroes to include British Paratroopers), from Lock 'N Load.
  • Battle for Britain from ADG. I've not played any game on the battle, so I know nothing about how good this will end up being.
  • Fatal Alliances III from ADG. It's a stand-alone game for World War I based off World in Flames.
  • Khaki in Flames from ADG- Khaki replacements for the dark blue Commonwealth counters included in World in Flames.
  • WiF Blitz! from ADG. An Army-level version of World in Flames. Plays the entire war in about 15 hours, according to the site.
  • WiF Master Edition from ADG. Umm, a variant way to play World in Flames that's even more complicated and descriptive? I read through the description, that seems right. Doesn't the game have enough complexity?
I'm doing a better job keeping up with some other companies, so hopefully I can keep people notified twice a week or so about new releases/pre-orders. Who doesn't want to know when great games are coming out?


  1. WIF Blitz sounds like a must. I am going to preorder it right now!!!! WIF Master edition... erm.. no thank u. I will get the Khaki because I am a tool about this game that NEVER GETS PLAYED!!!! And yes... it is the Best WW2 game ehvahhhhhh!!!!!

  2. Of course, the one that excited me the most was Fatal Alliances III. The Master Edition was just a 'wtf?' thing for me.

    Blitz does have potential. Might be interesting.


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