Monday, December 27, 2010

A set of wonderful Christmas gifts!

Well, with Christmas (and the gifts) done, I finally can post and enjoy my new gains.

To start, Rob bought me Conflict of Heroes: Price of Honour - Poland 1939, an expansion to the Conflict of Heroes series.  I've never managed to play more than the first 2 firefights from the first game (Awakening of the Bear), despite really liking the rules.  Let's hope I can get some time and drive to get it and this expansion on the table.  Thanks Rob!

Next, the girlfriend bought me a Nook, from Barnes and Noble.  I'm in love with the thing.  Currently, I'm reading Anabasis by Xenophon.  More on all of this in a later post.

When I came home from spending the weekend with the girlfriend's parents, I found on my doorstep a copy of GMT Games' The Spanish Civil War.  I had apparently ordered it, and long forgotten about it (I had canceled all my GMT preorders earlier this year because of financial constraints).  That was a pleasant surprise, I don't own a single game on the subject, and I've heard good things about this one.

Finally, I received a ton of free ASL products, to help assist with playtesting, as well as being a better player.  This included a bunch of the old ASL Annuals, which was a huge surprise.  I'm almost done clipping the counters for Beyond Valour, and once that's done, you can be sure to see several battle reports of Advanced Squad Leader as I work to gain more proficiency with the rules and tactics.

I got a ton of other great gifts, but they aren't really relevant to my wargaming, so I won't list them here.

Anyway, hope everyone's Christmas was awesome!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Yeah, like there isn't enough blogs saying this exact thing today :).

No real content, but I wanted to wish everyone who takes time to stop by and read this blog a Merry Christmas.  I really appreciate you guys stopping by, and I have a bunch of ideas for the new year to provide reason to come back!

Have a safe and happy holidays in the meantime!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Battle Report: Nations at War: WSR Basic Scenario 2: Le Hauderie and Montmar Tin-En Graignes

Wow, I've been busy!  This took me a bit longer to post up than I expected.

The final gaming I did on Black Friday was another game of Nations at War: White Star Rising, this time with an opponent: Rob.  We played scenario 2.

Scenario 2 covers, according to the description, an attack by the US 175th Regiment and 29th Infantry Division to take the towns of Le Hauderie and Montmar Tin-En Graignes, held by the German 17th SS and 352nd Divisions.

A quick Google search doesn't turn up either of those two towns, but I'm guessing that the scenario references the towns of Lenauderie and Montmartin-en-Graignes, which were kind of a side show to the Battle of Carentan (town shown on the map linked).  Maybe the names (or spelling of them) have changed in the years since the battle?

Regardless, Rob played as the Germans, and I took the Americans.  The goal was to advance the Americans across the map, and take either of the two cities.  I had 8 turns to accomplish this.  Nothing else special going on. 

I have two formations under my command: the 2/16 Infantry, consisting of a lot of infantry on foot with some heavy weapon support, and the 73rd Recon, with some Armored Infantry and an M8.

Rob's formations were elements of Kampfgruppe Dauer (SS infantry with heavy weapon support), and elements of Schtz.Btl.107 (consisting of... more infantry with weapon support).

Just a warning, pictures are a little flaky this battle report.  I struggled to get the camera to work correctly at the store.

Turn 1:
I advance both of my formations west (the American formation automatically activate the first turn of this scenario), crossing the bridges, and pretty much being stuck out in the open.

We then draw both of the German formation's chits, and Rob uses the opportunity to reposition his units to receive my attacks.

Movement in the North. No shooting yet.

And my movement in the South, again, thankfully, no shooting yet.

Turn 2:
The first chit drawn was the Schtz.Btl.107. They started shooting at my infantry (with their 81mm Mortar), disrupting one, and reducing another by shooting from a German Infantry unit.

I was disappointed, however, when we drew two straight End of Turn chits, ending the turn. That left my 2/16 Infantry a bit damaged and out in the open, without first getting a shot at recovery.

Turn 3:
First activation is the SS in the south. Since I'm out of effective range (and still embarked, limiting the effectiveness of his infantry) they don't accomplish anything.

2/16 activates next, and they begin to move into the woods. Having played on map A during my first solo experience with the game, I figured that the best way to get into position to attack the city would be through the woods. This helped a lot, since it meant I was out of sight of most of Rob's shooting. However, I didn't get away fully- the Schtz.Btl.107's mortar took an Opportunity fire shot against my ATG, and managed to disrupt and reduce it.

The Schtz.Btl.107 activates at this point and the mortar attempts to finish off the ATG, but failed to get any hits. Rob sends his HQ with an Infantry unit into assault against my HQ and Infantry, and are dealt 3 hits (and cause 1, I think), causing the unit and the HQ to be eliminated. Not good for him.

The turn couldn't end until the 73rd activated, and they finally did so, moving up safely (Rob had attempted firing with the SS earlier to no effect), and I disembarked my infantry, deciding that either way I was going to be vulnerable, but hoping to take cover in the cultivated terrain next turn and advance into the town.

Action in the North. With no Germans defending the forest, I'll get a good shot to move through it and threaten the target city safely, I hoped.

Status in the South. With luck, next turn I would begin to take chunks out of my opponent.

Turn 4:
The first chit drawn was the 2/16 Infantry, which is great news for me. I rally what I can, and I push through the forest. The 57mm ATG doesn't rally, and sits out in the open. I opt to leave it behind. My goal is the city. I move one of my infantry stacks to get a line of sight into the open road, just in case Rob tried to move across it, and threaten my army.

After drawing one of the End of Turn chits, we then drew the 73rd Recon. I chose to start reducing my opponent, and I open fire, killing one of the Arm Inf units facing me, and disrupting the ATG.

Fortunately for me, the second End of Turn chit was drawn, and although the German formations were required to activate next turn, it still felt great to get a practically free turn.

Progress in the north. Looking good!

Progress in the south (sorry about the glare!). The defenders start to feel a little sparse.

Turn 5:
Of course, in true 'fair' fashion, the Germans are the first two formations to activate on Turn 5. The Schtz.Btl.107 activates first.

With the HQ being thrown out of position by its death, the whole formation is not in a good spot. The 81mm Mortar failed it's Out of Command (OOC) check, limiting what it could do (basically, it's only allowed to fire as Opportunity Fire). The German HQ and the Pioneer unit went after the rear of my infantry column, assaulting into me and causing 3 hits, while taking one in return. The HQ attempted to bring a second unit with it, but it was disrupted en route.

The SS activated next, and began firing at my attackers, who were in the open. They disrupt the infantry squad stacked with my HQ, as well as another one of my infantry squads.

The 2/16's formation chit is drawn next, and ignoring the Germans, I move to the edge of the woods closest to the town, and prepare for my glorious assault.

The first end of turn chit is drawn, and I briefly stress that the 73rd could be subjected to a second round of shooting in the open, effectively ending it.

It's not to be, however, as the 73rd Recon's chit is drawn, and I rally my army. I assault into the nearest Arm Inf unit, but sadly take three hits (and dealt 1), eliminating the Infantry unit, and the HQ with it. I shove the rest of my infantry forward into the cultivated field, hoping that I activate before the SS do, so I can deal some heavy damage.

Turn 5 ends with me threatening both towns, but with pretty heavy losses in the south.

In the North, things aren't going so terrible. I can begin to attack the town next activation.

In the South, things aren't as great, as I'm now outnumbered and surrounded.

Turn 6:
The 73rd do get to activate next, and I quickly assault an Arm Inf squad, killing it. My M8 fails to provide any help with its shooting, yet again.

The first end turn chit is drawn, followed by the SS formation. They start by shooting at my Infantry squads, dealing 2 hits, disrupting my units. This is followed by an assault by one of the Arm Inf units, who dies for his efforts, but clears out my infantry, leaving me with only the M8 stacked with the HQ. Not a really scary combination. This effectively ends the game in the south- I spend the rest of the game taking a few shots at the defenders, and try to assault at one point, but I have no realistic shot of success there.

Unfortunately, the second End Turn chit is drawn, moving us to Turn 7.

American offensive is effectively ended in the South.

Turn 7:
The Schtz.Btl.107 activates to start the turn, and Rob begins to retreat everything he can back towards the town (sadly, it's less than he'd like). Everything has passed their OOC checks and rallied, so he's as good as he's going to be at this point. The HQ and the Pioneer assault another group of American infantry, and deal two hits.

The 73rd Recon and the SS both activate here, but since Americans have already lost down there, I'll skip the recap.

The 2/16 gets to activate before ending the turn, and I begin my assault. I send two Infantry units assaulting into the first hex of the city, and although they only score one hit (and take 0 in return), it's enough to clear the squad in there out of the way, meaning I've claimed the first hex of my goal! However, it's about to be turn 8, and if I don't get an activation I've lost!

Americans take the first hex of Ste Jeanne.

Turn 8:
And I get lucky. First activation is the 2/16!

They assault the city fully, and completely claim it, killing the defenders. Rob realizes that he has nothing that can get there and win it for him... and concedes the victory to me. Americans win!

I thought this scenario was a bit more interesting (and closer) than the first scenario, although it's a bit peculiar. There's two battles going on, and they have no reason to ever interact (since the Germans need to defend both cities. It's almost like two small scenarios being played at the same time. I'm not sure what the Americans can do in the South, although I suppose staying in the vehicles and maybe trying to get into the forest in the south would be an option. I don't think there's enough time to do it though.

In the North, I think I did what the Americans will have to do. Rob believes he set up his defense too far forward (meaning he was chasing me to the town at the end of the game) which is probably a true observation. If I ever get a chance to play this scenario again, that's probably what I will end up doing.

So far, definitely like the system. Hopefully I'll get a play on Scenario III soon!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Last weekend gaming

On Black Friday, instead of wasting my time with all that 'shopping' stuff my girlfriend talks about so much, I decided to go play some games at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie with Rob.

It was a pretty interesting event- it ran from 11am till about 3 am on Saturday (and we were there for all but maybe an hour or so of it).  And man, did we get some games in. 

Starting the day off, we played two games of Dust Tactics- a newish release from Fantasy Flight Games.  It uses miniatures, but it's not really much of a 'miniature' game, since a lot of mini concepts don't really fit.  It's pretty simple, and played pretty quick (once we figured out that Rob was teaching the rules wrong ;) ).

Ended up playing it twice, with Rob taking the first scenario, and me the second.

Scenario 1:

Scenario 2, early in the game:

We followed this up by playing two games of Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943. I was the Americans twice, and lost both times. I'm just not sure how to get the Americans to win, grrr.

Next time we play, we should be trying a scenario, maybe that will make the games more competitive.

Next up, we played Incursion, by Grindhouse Games, a Nazi-era game with zombies. It was a pretty good time, and plays similarly to Space Hulk in some ways. Our first (introductory) scenario was a basic one- the Americans have to close off the entrance points to stem the tide of zombies. After a particularly unlucky turn for Rob (playing the Americans) I cruised to a win.

The second game involved both players trying to retrieve an item in the center of the map, and taking it off board. I got there first, but died, and Rob grabbed it and took it off the board for a win.

Some pictures from the second game:

Next up was a game of Warmachine. That gets covered on one of my other blogs.

Next, we played a game of Manoeuvre, a quick-playing favorite of ours. We ended up playing the Ottomans (run by myself), vs the Spanish, run by Rob. After trading some blows early on, I pushed forward for a nightfall victory, by having my cav swarm his side of the board late game.

This picture is a little after halfway through the game. One of my cav units got surrounded up towards the top, but thankfully survived.

Nations at War, scenario 2 followed- I'll put a post up about that here soon.

Hold the Line was next. This is a Worthington Games release covering the Revolutionary War. The scenario tried was the invasion of Long Island, with me playing the British. I'm not sure I really got the hang of this game- the Americans retreated pretty easily, and I wasn't able to put much pressure on them throughout the game.

Early game:

Later on:

We finished up the day with another game of Manoeuvre, with me as the Americans facing off against the Austrians. It came down to the wire- I put myself into position to win on the last roll of the game, assuming an about average roll. Failing that though, I ended up losing.

Lots of gaming, and lots of fun. I also won a copy of the Flames of War Operation Bagration campaign game which was a nice bonus.

Will have the playthroughs of the two games mentioned up as soon as I can!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Battle Report: Nations at War: WSR Basic Scenario 1: Noville, Belgium

After reading the rules, clipping the counters, and looking longingly at Nations at War: White Star Rising for several weeks, I finally got around to playing it.  Unfortunately, I didn't have an opponent handy, so I ended up playing it solo.  This generally isn't a bad thing, especially when I'm first playing a game, because I'm sure I'll need to check the rules multiple times, slowing down a Face-to-Face game.

The first scenario covers a precursor battle to the Siege of Bastogne, in Noville, Belgium.  In the battle, a battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) and 4 M18 tank destroyers attacked units of the 2nd Panzer Division who were en route to capture fuel dumps needed for the German offensive.  The M18, a notoriously fast vehicle, and the infantry support got to a spot on the highway well before the German objective, and began to attack.  The result was a solid victory for the Americans- the M18's strong shooting and mobility caused the Germans to stall on the attack (believing they were going up against a significantly stronger force than they actually did), and the Americans ended in possession of the town.

In the scenario, we have a similar situation.  Kampfgruppe Beck, with its 6 tank platoons and infantry support are attacking the town of Ste. Jeanne, defended by infantry of the 507th PIR, as well as tank support from Combat Command Alpha (CCA).  An M18 platoon is attached to the 507th.

To make the game more interesting, a portion of the Kampfgruppe Beck formation enters from a randomly determined board edge as a flanking force.


The Americans deployed on both sides of the road, but kept a sizeable amount of forces back with the town, in case the Germans broke through (the tanks would hopefully have to assault the town, which isn't favorable for tanks vs. defending infantry).

The Germans deployed in the town, prepared to advance across the river as soon as possible.

Nations at War: White Star Rising uses a chit-pull system, so there's no guarantee certain formations will activate from turn to turn. This factors into the German plans- they have to move into position fast, because they can't know how many chances they'll have (they will activate a minimum of once every other turn however). They have 8 turns to accomplish their objective.

Turn 1:
Very uninteresting turn. The first chit draw was the End of Turn chit. CCA was then drawn, but with no one in sight and no real need to reposition, they passed. The second End of Turn chit was drawn, ending the turn.

Since neither the 507th nor the KG Beck chit was drawn this turn, neither End of Turn chit was returned to the cup. One would be added back to the cup upon each of these formations activating.

Turn 2:
The first chit was the 507th, who passed, since they didn't have anything to do.

KG Beck finally activated. The flanking force rolled to see their entrance location, rolling a 3, meaning they were coming in from the south. The tanks on the right moved across the river. The M18 on the hill took the opportunity fire shot at a Panzer IV, and reduced it. The unit of Para Inf with the HQ also Op-fired at another tank, but failed to get any hits.

The units coming from the south (a Tiger, a STUG-III, and a unit of Infantry) advanced into the forest right next to the 507th. The 57mm ATG fired at the Tiger, but had no result, but the mortar hit the STUG-III and disrupted it.

The 2nd End of Turn counter, just added back to the cup, was drawn, ending the turn.

Turn 3:
507th start the turn by activating, and with plenty of targets, they unload.

57mm ATG fires at the STUG for no result.

The Para Inf and HQ fired at the Panther nearby, resulting in 3 hits (using 2 Fate Points to enhance the rolls), which kills it. The other Para Inf deployed towards the front retreats some.

The M18 fired at a Panzer IV, disrupting it, then moved back. The 60mm mortar tried adding its fire to the Panzer IV, but did no damage.

Not a terrible round of shooting- losing a tank this early is bad news.

CCA activated next, but did nothing but reposition to prepare for the German advance.

Two consecutive End of Turn chits end the turn, and with the Germans out in the open- they definitely had to be concerned about getting their activation (so they could rally from their disruption) before taking more fire.

Turn 4:
End Turn marker is drawn. The second one won't be added until the KG Beck activate, however.

Luckily for them, they get the first activation. Unfortunately, both the STUG III and a PzIV fail to rally (although the PzIV with the HQ does), meaning they would be unable to shoot or move closer to enemies they could see.

The Tiger takes a point blank shot at the ATG, rolling 4 dice and needing 3s to cause hits, he manages to get only a single hit, which disrupts the ATG. The PzIV and the HQ take a shot at the ParaInf (w/HQ) in front of them causing 3 hits and killing it. I have two of the German Infantry units unload from their APCs, and try to have the Panther assault the Mortar, hoping to clear it out of the forest. The Panther, sadly, deals 0 hits, and takes 1 in return, disrupting it. The other transports wait, hoping that next activation the tanks can clear enough of a hole for them to make a move towards the town.

And the second End Turn chit is drawn ending the turn. Halfway through the game, the Germans aren't making very good progress, although the 507th isn't looking very good at the moment.

Turn 5:
At the start of this turn, a Chaos Marker is added to the cup. If it's drawn, a random event occurs.

The 507th activated, and with the HQ being moved way back after his death (and his reduced command range), the formation had to start checking for being Out of Command. The ATG and the mortar both failed the test, meaning they wouldn't be allowed to shoot or move, except as Opportunity Fire. The ATG did rally, however. The HQ moved onto the hill, to bring the southern elements back into command.

The Chaos chit was drawn, and the roll resulted in a Comms Breakdown- the next activation to activate would have to roll for being Out of Command, regardless of where their HQ is!

CCA got the pleasure of suffering the effects, and it was pretty painful, with an M4A1, and Armored Infantry, and the M4A3E8 going OOC. A different Sherman with the HQ fired at a Panther, causing a hit, but was negated by the armor.

The 81mm Mortar was more successful, however, firing at the Sd.Kfz.521, causing 2 hits (using 1 Fate Point), reducing and disrupting the half-track.

The first End Turn chit was drawn, bad news for the German...

But again, are lucky to be activated in time. The STUG and Sd.Kfz.521 all rally, starting things off great.

The sHQ and a Tiger assault into the ATG, causing a single hit (and taking none in return), knocking it into the open. The STUG III and the Arm Inf did the same to the 60mm mortar, but caused two hits, reducing it before knocking it into the open.

The reduced half-track overran the mortar, causing a single hit and killing it, but takes 2 hits (and negating one) from the M5A1's OpFire, disrupting it. The other Sd.Kfz.521's infantry disembarks. The HQ and PzIV moved up to the M18, which OpFired, causing 3 hits (using another Fate Point to increase the die roll), only one of which gets negated, reducing and disrupting the PzIV.

The second End Turn chit is drawn, ending the turn.

Turn 6:
The first two chit draws were End Turn chits. A VERY quick turn.

Turn 7:
Every formation would have to activate this turn, since none activated last turn. The first End Turn chit was drawn immediately, for all that it matters.

The 507th activated first. The ATG in the open failed to rally. The M18 fired at the PzIV next to him, hoping for the kill, and caused a hit, but the armor negated it, and the M18 moved away. The 507th end their activation, since they didn't really have much else to contribute.

Combat Command Alpha activated next, and started by shooting their M4A1 with the HQ at the STUG III, causing 3 hits (with none negated), killing it. The M5 fired at the reduced Sd.Kfz.521 in the open, and gets a hit, but the armor roll negated it. However, the 81mm mortar took a shot at the unit, and caused two hits, killing it.

KG Beck finally activated, and managed to rally everything, but by now they were pretty severely weakened, and needed to get to that town as soon as possible. They advanced up, with the sHQ and Tiger overrunning the ATG, killing it.

Turn 8:
Well, it's not looking good for the Germans. They need to take all three town hexes, and don't really have a lot of forces in range. Plus, they needed to actually be activated this turn. Going to be tough!

The 507th was activated first. The HQ and the Para Inf moved up, hoping to assault the Tiger, but the OpFire from the Tiger deals 3 hits (with the terrain negating 1), disrupting and reducing the Infantry.

KG Beck gets their activation, and prepare for the final push. The sHQ and Tiger fire at the CCA HQ w/ the M4A1. They cause 2 hits, and although 1 hit is negated by the armor, it's enough to disrupt the unit, preventing it from shooting.

An Arm Inf moved to Assault the M5 and the reduced Para Inf, and deals 2 hits, taking 2 in return, but manages to kill the 507th HQ, and again, prevents the M5 from shooting.

Finally ready for the push, the KG Beck HQ moves with the PzIV towards the town, and are fired upon by the M18, who causes 3 hits, killing the PzIV and HQ.

Unable to achieve their objectives, the Panther tries to go in anyway, and takes a shot from a Sherman, disrupting it.

Game ends with no hexes of the city under German control. Pretty solid defeat.

This scenario is tough on the Germans, who really have no choice but to go straight at the city, right through the prepared defender's lines of fire. There isn't enough time to go around to either the north or south, though I suppose they could take a shot at going through the southern forest some, to protect against some fire, but I'm not sure it would help tremendously. However, it's a fairly good introduction to the series, and hopefully I'll get some more games in soon!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I haven't been idle, I swear!

This past weekend, I finished clipping the counters for Nations at War: White Star Rising, and read the rules.  I'm planning to get the first solo play done tonight or Friday night, so look for a battle report soon!  Hopefully a few more games later, I'll get my first game review up.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Okay, I'm not doing news, but...

But there are two games just announced that I'm so excited for, I can't help but mention them!

An Expanded Deluxe Edition of the Great Battles of Alexander.  Now, the key part of this is that there are two expansions included (Diadochoi and Phalanx) both of which are very hard to come by, and a few other bonuses included.  Since the two expansions are some of the few things I'm still missing, I'm really really excited about this news.

Of course, if they would reprint Cataphract, that would be even better!

The first expansion for Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943.  I loved the initial game, although I haven't played it much the past month or so, but having a map and tiles would really add some extra depth to an already fantastic game.  I'm going to be looking forward to it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Received Nations at War: White Star Rising

Well, received Nations at War: White Star Rising in the mail yesterday, probably one of the few game purchases I'll be making for a while.  I pre-ordered this about a year ago, and thankfully paid for it 4 or so months ago (back when I had some money). 

This is the World War II version of the LnL's popular World at War series, which I love.  The components are great, and the counters are a bit bigger and very easy to read.

Hopefully I'll get this baby on the table in the near future, would love to play it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Battle Report: Panzer Grenadier: Airborne Scenario 1 - Orange Hero

Finally played a game!

This will be my first shot at a wargame battle report, so I expect it to be a bit rough.  I'll hopefully iron out some of the rough parts after some experience, but if you're reading this and have any comments- either things you like, or things you feel I should leave out, please please let me know.  I don't take any criticism personally.  The photos are of course terrible, but I'll figure that out as I get more experience photographing games in progress.

So, for my first foray into the Panzer Grenadier line, I've decided to start with the first scenario of Airborne 'Introductory' set.  Now, as many gamers, and even Avalanche Press, have agreed, this product isn't really that great as an introduction to the series, but I'm not terribly concerned with that at the moment.  I really just want to get the hang of the rules before trying some other scenarios.

Scenario One is called Orange Hero, named because future Syracuse University football coach Floyd "Ben" Schwartzwalder fought in the action depicted here.  In it, a few American paratrooper squads are trying to take a town held by the Germans (or kill a significant amount of German soldiers), hopefully using Hedgerows to provide some cover from the superior firepower of the German infantry.

When looking at the scenario, to decide what to do, the first thing I noticed was the relative firepower of the units involved.  The Germans have 21 Direct Fire strength total, plus 2 random strongpoints (with firepower from 0 to 4), plus three leaders (who might have a point apiece), and also an 8 strength bombardment piece.

The Americans, on the other hand, have a total of 12 Direct Fire strength, with an additional 5 potentially coming on as reinforcements, plus two leaders, one of which when drawn actually gave me a two strength bonus.  Still, that's quite a difference, especially since the Americans really have to take the town in hex 0412, where the Germans will already be located, and eat one or more shots already (due to the mechanics of the Panzer Grenadier rules, units can't move and shoot during the same activation).

In addition, a quick rush to the town is both helped and hindered by the presence of Hedgerows, those joyous terrain features that annoy players in so many WWII games.  The Hedgerows around hex 0513 specifically will help block shots from German units in the town.  The Americans also have slightly higher initiative, which will help them go first every turn, but again, it doesn't give them a chance to shoot first.  American paratrooper morale is pretty good also, with both good bonuses from the leaders I drew, as well as a good 8/8.

First things first- I have to draw leaders for both sides.  I ended up with a 9/1/0 Captain, an 8/0/1 Lieutenant, and an 8/1/0 Lieutenant for the German forces, and a 10/2/1 Captain and a 9/1/0 1st Lieutenant for the Americans.  The Germans get moderate morale bonuses from their leaders, which will help keep them in the town, and the Americans received good fire support from theirs.


That's the German setup. The Germans have to start on the opposite side of the swamp from the towns, but have more than enough time to get there. Of course, I spread out when I really had no need to, but it didn't matter in this case. The fire strengths of those strongpoints are unknown until the Americans spot them (I randomly put some out there face down).

This is the American setup. I was under the impression that this was a night scenario (which really helps the Americans get close), which means that they didn't have to spread out so much. Of course, it turns out to NOT be a night scenario, but regardless, you'll need all of these guys forming a single hex to deal any damage anyway.

The Americans get a 7 for their initiative roll, the Germans a 6. The Americans (again, I had thought this was night) advanced over the railroad embankment in front of them, and with a squad in spotting range of the first strongpoint, it's turned over to be revealed as unoccupied (therefore removed).

The Germans advanced towards the town, but the 81mm mortars stays put. He'll end up depending on a leader spotting for him to get his shots off.

Initiative rolls: Americans get a 6, the Germans a 4.

Americans continue their advance. Some members advance into the town in hex 0613, others get into the hedgerow nearby.

The Germans send the HMG and the Captain into the town, a Lieutenant plus the GREN through the town to the other side, and a Lieutenant + the Engineer unit on the bridge behind the town. For some reason, I still had it stuck into my head not to stack; forgetting how many opportunities the Germans would have to fire at the Americans once they got into range to be dangerous. Turned out not to matter though.

Positions at 0630.

The Americans roll a 7 for their initiative, the Germans get a 4. Normally, this would allow the Americans two activations, but because there are so few units on the board, there wasn't much point.

The Americans rush the position. Everyone moved either into the Hedgerow adjacent to the destination town, or in the clear hex in front. Several chances at Opportunity Fire happened (each unit that can direct fire gets two Opportunity Fire shots).

The GREN fired first, using 6FP, and getting a net +2 column shift to fire on the 11 column. A roll of 9 resulted in 'M'- a morale check for the American PARA squad fired upon, who easily passed (needed a 9 or less on 2d6). Second shot by the GREN resulted in nothing as well.

From the town, the strongpoint was revealed to be a 4-4, which combined with the HMG to fire at the PARA in the adjacent hedgerow, resolved on the 16 column. The result is again an 'M', and again the PARA passes. Second shot accomplishes nothing.

The 81mm mortar fires at the squads out in the open in hex 0413. It's resolved on the 8 column, but the roll is an 8, so there's no effect. However, since the target was adjacent to friendly squads, they both have a chance to received friendly fire... and thankfully don't.

The Germans ended their turn by moving the ENG and the Lieutenant with him into the town.

For the Americans, this was the closest I ever rolled to getting their reinforcement on. Every turn, a single die was rolled, and on a '6', another American PARA squad would come on. This turn, I rolled a 4. It's the only turn I rolled above a 1. A shame too, they really could use the help!

Regardless, the Americans again win the Initiative, with a roll of 10 to 4. That's 3 activations for the Americans! Sadly, it's wasted as the Americans decide their best bet it to fire everything into the town, and hope for some good rolling. They manage to get a total of 15 firepower, meaning they fire on the 11 column. However, modifiers bring them down to the 7 column. A roll of 10 results in an M check, disrupting the HMG and the strongpoint. Being disrupted hurts the strength of the firepower those counters can produce, meaning they'll be easier to assault, or won't shoot so effectively. Of course, the Americans would need troops available in order to assault.

The Germans start their activation by firing the mortar into the clear hex (0413) hoping for a disruption so that decent German firepower might cause actual damage (if a disrupted unit disrupts again, it becomes demoralized, and could run). The shot gets lucky and disrupts the 2-3 PARA squad there.

The Germans then recover their two disrupted units.

They end the turn by firing the GREN, the ENG, and the two leaders into the clear hex. A total of 13 firepower, plus modifiers means the shot is resolved on the 22 column. The roll is a 2. That means the result is a 2X- two steps have to be lost by the target hex. That effectively eliminates the 5-3 PARA in the hex, although everyone that survives passes the resulting M2. The American initiative is now lowered to 2- the same as the Germans.

The Americans luckily roll a 6 for initiative again, compared to the German's 3. The 2-3 PARA and the 1st Lieutenant in the clear hex realize how bad things are for them, and move into the hedgerow with the rest of the American troops. The Americans already there open fire on the town, but resolve the combat on the 4 Col, resulting in another M check, and the strongpoint + the ENG disrupting.

The German mortar again fires, using a German leader in the town to spot, but fails to deal any damage.

The Germans again recover from their disruptions, and again take a shot into the hedgerow, but don't accomplish anything.

The Lieutenant + GREN move adjacent to the hedgerow to provide more firepower.

The Americans again win the initiative roll, and immediately open fire at the town with everything they have, but don't cause any damage.

The Germans return fire on the 30 column, and roll a 10, giving an X result. That means the 2-3 PARA squad is dead, and the American initiative is dropped even further.

The Germans finally win an initiative roll, and open fire at the Americans, resulting in an 'M1'. The Americans all pass the morale check, however.

After some thought (the Americans were going to have to assault at some point and pray for some luck, it seemed), decided to take another shot at the town, and force the Germans to take another Morale check, which they all pass.

Both sides again exchange fire to no effect.

Again, both sides fire... nothing happens

This is the final turn of the game, and the Americans really needed some luck here. However the Germans won the initiative roll, and on their shot, they roll a 9, resulting in a 'M2' result, forcing the PARA to disrupt.

Already looking at probably impossible odds in the Assault, I call it in favor of the Germans.

Final Thoughts:
The Panzer Grenadier Headquarters website for this scenario lists the Germans as the winners in 69% of the games played, and that's without the night rules used (meaning the Germans can actually start shooting sooner). It's very unlikely as written for the Americans to win- they just don't have the firepower to make meaningful shots at the Germans in the town.

With that said, the scenario was still a good time, as I both learned the system, and finally played a game of something. I'm going to give scenario #2 a shot when I have some time this week. It looks to be a bit better balanced, so hopefully it will be a closer game!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alright, short term goals for this month

Well, if I'm hoping if I set up some feasible goals for the next for weeks or so, I should be able to get myself playing more games, and getting this blog moving.  So, let me put on here what I'm hoping to do.

I own a lot of games I've never played, so to start, I want to get them opened, clipped, learned, and played, even if solo.  I'll start with these three:
  • Panzer Grenadier: Airborne Edition.  I own a few of the Panzer Grenadier games from various sales, so I'd really like to at least try one or two of them out.  I'm told this isn't a really great introduction to the series, but I'm not that concerned about it- I just want to get the rules figured out, and some of the scenarios look really short.  Hopefully I'll take a crack at this tomorrow.
  • Great Battles of Alexander: Deluxe Edition.  I love ancient warfare, and I've wanted to play this game for so long.  Plus, it was one of my new year's resolutions (which is well on its way to failing!).  If I can learn and play the first scenario (Chaeronea, I think?), I may be able to salvage the resolution.
  • Fields of Fire.  Supposedly a very difficult game to learn, but it's designed to be a solo game, which is a plus for me, and it's supposed to be fantastic once you get the hang of it.  I imagine this is going to take some time to work through, however, so I'll prepare for it taking up two weeks :).
So hopefully next week will see some battle reports, from Panzer Grenadier, at least.  I'll work to branch out from there.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, October 8, 2010

News ending :(

Well, no news here anymore.  Consimworld added a page called the Forward Observer, which is pretty comprehensive, covers a lot of smaller publishing companies, and provides all the information I would.  Frankly, I don't think many people are that interested in news off some small blog out here, and I'm glad they have the feature anyway, since it's a great place to get wargaming information.

As for this blog... hmm...  I've really struggled to get it off the ground, primarily because I've struggled to get free time.  With the girlfriend's move down here, her getting laid off, and the uncertaintyy about what they two of us are going to do, it's made it tough. 

I'm hoping to continue putting posts up here, at least once a week, but now they'll actually be more game focused.  Really going to try...

Thanks for reading, regardless :).

Friday, October 1, 2010

News for week ending 10/1/10

  • Amarillo Design Bureau released Module Y3: Early Wars and Module Y3G: Early Wars Annexes.  The Early Years stuff is very highly regarded, so if you enjoy Star Fleet Battles, the Y Modules are definitely worth looking at.  The Annexes are valuable for non-SSD information.
  • Avalanche Press announced two new naval games: Kaiser's Navy for their Second World War at Sea system, and Remember the Maine for the Great War at Sea system.  You can order them now, and they should be released this fall.
  • Compass Games announced that they will have 5 new releases in November, including Storming the Reich, Steel Wolves, and a brand new announcement of IJN: The Imperial Japanese Navy, an expansion to Silent War.
  • GMT Games put out a new news release.  In it are several new P500 additions: Operation Dauntless, Space Empires, a Battle for Normandy Expansion, as well as reprints of Fields of Fire and Reds!  Also, a few new mounted maps are going to become available.  Check out their website if you're interested in any of these.
  • Lock 'N Load should be shipping White Star Rising soon!
  • MMP started shipping Tide at Sunrise, a game about the Russo-Japanese War.
Looks to be all for this week.  Plenty going on!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Contact Information

Added my contact information on the bottom right.  Feel free to email me about any news you may have about board wargames, and once I get this blog moving (*sigh) feel free to email suggestions for things you'd like to see here!

Friday, September 24, 2010

News for week ending 9/24/10

Friday, September 17, 2010

News for week ending 9/17/10 (or lack of news!)

Hmmm... as far as I can tell, there were no news items this week.  Sad.  I'll put my contact information up on the blog over the weekend, if you happen to have any, please don't hesitate to send them to me!

Friday, September 10, 2010

News for week ending 9/10/10

  • Ad Astra Games put out a development status report, detailing what new products would be coming out for Birds of Prey, as well as how things are going with version 2.0 of their rules. Read it here.
  • Legion Wargames began shipping Saipan & Tinian, the first in a line of their new Island War series. Lots of potential in these game, and of course, it's always nice to support a small publisher.
  • Lock N' Load announced a new game, Steam and Steel. It's basically a steam-punk version of World War I. Might be fun though.
  • GMT Games removed Arctic Storm and June 6 from their P500 list. Probably were moving too slow, and the lack of interest made them decide against it. Always a shame to see games get removed.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Fifty Year War: Conflict and Strategy in the Cold War

Wow, a non-news post!

I just recently finished reading The Fifty Year War: Conflict and Strategy in the Cold War by Norman Friedman. Norman Friedman is a strategist who worked during the Cold War at the Hudson Institute, partially as the deputy director of national security studies. He combines a lot of research, as well as first-hand experiences and knowledge in this book.

I wasn't alive for much of the Cold War (was born in 83, so I was 8 at the 'end' of the USSR in 1991), so this book was of additional interest to me given the influences of the Cold War even today, especially with our foreign policy.

The book starts by talking about the origins of the Cold War, and its various roots, starting with the Spanish Civil War, and Stalin's 1937 attempt to control it. It then moves through World War II, and the various decisions and moves made by the powers through the end of the war.

It moves on to discuss the opening moves of the Cold War, from Stalin's military buildup, to the Marshall Plan, to both Tito in Yugoslavia and Mao in China.

The increased tension, the buildup of the two nation's military forces, and the eventual downfall of the Soviet Union are also covered in extensive detail.

For starters, the book is a fantastic resource to anyone who wants to learn about the Cold War as a whole. Not only is there a lot of good information and insight in the book, there's also a very extensive bibliography in the back for further reading about almost any aspect or period of the war.

In addition, the book provides a lot of context for the decisions of the time, as well as gives a great feel for the misinterpretations each country had about one another, as well as how they were exploited. For instance, the "black" (above Top Secret classification) programs towards the end of the war, was used to sop up the Soviet's hard currency in two ways (in addition to the desire to develop some of these projects in secret, of course) - first, because the Americans knew the Soviets wouldn't be able to stop themselves from spending the resources to uncover what those projects were, and second, combined with deceptive leaks to journalists, the US forced the Soviets to spend a ton of money trying to replicate things that even we couldn't do, solely because the Soviet opinion at the time was that the West, particularly the US, could accomplish anything with technology that they wanted.

It also clearly goes into the political, economic, and military decisions that made the US successful during various phases of the war, as well as the decisions made by the USSR that led to their downfall. The book is also very critical of the McNamara era, and the setbacks the period caused on the US's strategy.

The book is EXTREMELY detailed in some places, and I suspect probably more than the average reader will be able to handle, but generally these are contained in only certain areas.

Naturally, if you're interested in the Cold War, this is must-read. Either as an overview, or just to get more information about the 'chess match' played by the two sides, it's a great source.

Of course, the purpose of this blog isn't books, but wargames tend to have a strong relation to an interest in military history. When talking about the Cold War, there's really only one game that comes to mind: Twilight Struggle.

In my opinion, and of course my limited experience, no other game does as good a job of providing a feel for the tension of the Cold War, as well as the consequences of many of the decisions made by each side throughout it. And what's interesting (to me, at least), is finally knowing the history behind some of the cards, and seeing their effect on both the table as well as on my opponent. As I've said, I wasn't alive for the Cold War, and honestly it was barely covered in school. I didn't know all that much about it... but now, I can appreciate both the results of the war, and the topic of the game.

Also, now I want to play Twilight Struggle more :). Maybe I need to get VASSAL running...

Friday, September 3, 2010

News for week ending 9/3/10

  • Avalanche Press has two new games up for order: Western Desert Force, a quick-playing game, but without much information given on their website, and Fortress Malta, a book expansion to their Island of Death game.
  • Lock 'N Load begins shipping World at War: Operation Garbo either today or tomorrow. Very exciting- I'm always happy to see expansions for this great system.
  • GMT Games announced another product in their Combat Commander line, Combat Commander Battle Pack #4: New Guinea. Looks like 14 more scenarios, using the Pacific rules. That's actually really exciting, but I don't even own the regular CC: Pacific rules. Maybe an incentive to do so.
  • Worthington Games began shipping Red Poppies and Anzio/Cassino. The former covers regimental level combat from WWII, the latter is a quick-playing game covering two different airborne operations.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Charles S. Roberts passes away

Obituary here.

He founded Avalon Hill, and is considered the Father of Wargaming.

Not much to say really, but a sad loss certainly.

Friday, August 27, 2010

News for week ending 8/27/10

  • Avalanche Press added two new preorders: Battles of 1866: Frontier Battles covering battles between Austria and Prussia during that period, and Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires, covering Eastern Front World War I action.
  • Compass Games has acquired the rights to a new game called The War, another strategic level simulation of World War II. Although that's something that's been done to death, they are making it sound interesting. You can find out more here.
  • GMT Games published a news update. You can read it yourself, but one thing to note is that reprints of Here I Stand, Paths of Glory, Manoeuvre, Flying Colors, and Sword of Rome are scheduled to be published throughout next month.
  • Lock 'N Load added Heroes of the Faith to their preorder page. Covers battles in 1973 vs Israel and Syria along the Golan Heights.

Friday, August 20, 2010

News for week ending 8/20/10

  • MMP has a brand new website. Much improved. The pre-order numbers weren't able to be transferred though, so if you had pre-ordered a game with them, you'll need to do so again. I believe there are several new products there, but I can't really be sure. You'll just have to take a look yourself!
  • DDH Games has opened pre-orders up for The Battle of Gettysburg. This is the second game in a series, but there's not really a lot of information on how well people like either of the two games, so it's hard to say whether it's worth getting.
  • Decision Games shipped Strategy and Tactics Issue 264 a week or so ago (maybe a bit longer). Not sure how I missed it. It covers the battle of Shiloh.
  • Turning Point Simulations also updated their website. They aren't listed on this site, at least not until they come out with a game, but they are planning to release 21 games based of the 'Twenty Decisive Battles of the World'. There are some very interesting games there, but it really depends on the first one coming out to decide how successful they will be.
  • GMT Games is charging for Germantown 1777 and Dominant Species next week, and will be shipping soon after. If you're interested in either, you may want to get your pre-orders in now!

Friday, August 13, 2010

News for week ending 8/13/10

Back from Vegas! Here are the news items:
  • Lock N' Load Games added two new items to their P500 page. First up is World at War: Paris is Burning which adds the French to the mix. The French are looking solely to protect their homeland, and will be fighting both NATO and the Warsaw Pact forces in the game. Secondly, they've added Line of Fire #8, their in-house magazine. Scenarios and counters for all their games, which is a great deal if you are a fan of their products.
  • MMP's Operations Special Issue #3 is in print, and can be ordered off their website. Lots of great stuff in there, from the looks of it. They also have begun shipping of King Philip's War.

Again, I believe that's it! Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 6, 2010

News for week ending 8/6/10

  • Avalanche Press had a busy week. Polish Steel is now available... which could mean it's shipping or in production (they are never quite clear). A New Panzer Grenadier Supplement, Go For Broke (featuring some of America's toughest fighters in the later years of WWII) is available for order. Rome at War: Fading Legions is back in print, this time with cardstock maps.
  • L2 has begun shipping Grand Fleet! Many people have doubted it would ever happen, I'm lead to believe, so it's great to see L2 finally release something. Apparently, there's talk that they will be reprinting an old Avalon Hill game, but no word as to which game.
  • Operations Special Issue #3 is in print, and should be available after WBC. This should cover a variety of MMP's games, as well as include two IGS games. I'll have more information at some point.

Also, I received my issue of Against the Odds #29, including the game Buffalo Wings.

Going to Vegas next week! Also, I'm unpacked enough to start dreaming about playing games again. Every day I get closer to having a non-news post come up makes me more and more excited!

Friday, July 30, 2010

News for week ending 7/30/10

Not much today.
  • Avalanche Press is taking orders for Second World War at Sea: Combined Fleet. Requires 6 other games to get the full use out of, but it includes 20 scenarios about American vs Japanese Naval actions.

Alright... looks to be it this week. Thanks for stopping by at least!

Friday, July 23, 2010

News for week ending 7/23/10

  • Avalanche Press is splitting their Panzer Grenadier: Operation Citadel game into two games- Kursk: North Flank and Kursk: South Flank. Just means more supplements to buy to be a completist, I suppose. Panzer Grenadier: Workers and Peasants should also be available now-ish although I get VERY tired of reading 'Blessed Availableness' whenever I read any sort of press release by Avalanche. *sigh.
  • GMT Games has a new news update. A few notes, c3i #24 will be shipping soon, as will Germantown and Normandy '44. September sees 5 reprints coming out, and there are a bunch of games to look forward to before the end of the year.
  • Decision Games has shipped out World at War #13, covering the the Battle of Prochorovka. Looks to be a pretty good game. May pick it up if finances allow.

Looks to be it for this week. Have a good weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

News for week ending 7/16/10

  • Avalanche Press released Great War at Sea: US Navy Plan Scarlet. Primarily about WWI era battles involving Australia. You need 5 other products to enjoy all the scenarios though. Ouch.
  • Pacific Rim Publishing has finally begun to ship Across the Pacific! Once I go home, and double check their website, I'll make sure to add PRP's website to the list on the right.

So while I'm doing news, does anyone have a comment on what type of news they'd like to actually have included here (or not included?). For instance, Valley Games is publishing a reprint of Liberte, which isn't really a wargame. Do people want to know about things like that, or not? Also, there are occasional updates to games that may be relevant. For instance- Collins Epic Wargames released situations as well as recommended starting decks for Spearpoint 1943. Do you want updates that I see about those as well?

Thanks for reading, those who do :).

Friday, July 9, 2010

News for week ending 7/9/10:

Pretty quiet.

  • Avalanche Press is having a sale. Some OK deals there, if you're interested. Or just wait another couple of weeks until there's another sale :).
  • Lock N Load has begun shipping their House of Spirits game, and begun charging for World at War: Operation Garbo.
  • MMP's Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook is again back in stock!

Not really a whole lot going on, it seems. Sure to be busier coming up though!

I finally played a game though! Taught Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 to a friend during lunch. Unfortunately, his die rolls were so bad that I ended up crushing him. A few more games before I start thinking too in depth about it. Thinking up some deck ideas already though :).

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Received Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943!

Well, I finally received my copy of Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943!

I've been looking forward to this ever since I received a demo of it at PrezCon, and now that I have it, I'm going to be trying to get it on the table as often as possible. Once I get the chance I'll try to put a review up on here, as well as getting this blog moving with some articles. I've finally started some unpacking, which means I'm almost back to a regular life (relatively, I mean).

Very excited!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Whoo! I'm listed as a Playtester!

Very small thing, but really exciting for me.

I'm listed as a playtester in MMP's recent release: Out of the Attic #2. Right there at the very end of the playtesting credits is my name. I playtested 3 of the scenarios in the issue. It's a fantastic product, and if anyone plays ASL I'd recommend it, as it contains former tournament scenarios that aren't available in another publication. Definitely worth it.

Anyway, pretty exciting :).

News for week ending 7/2/10

  • Against the Odds is shipping (or soon to ship). Issue 29, including Buffalo Wings, a game about air combat during World War II over Finland. Looking forward to getting it.
  • Amarillo Design Bureau has a few new products as well- War & Peace for their Federation Commander game, adding the Vudar, the ISC, and the Andromedans. If only I got to play more! Module R12: Unusual Ships for Star Fleet Battles adds failed prototypes, plus interesting things like Seltorian Battlewagons. And finally, Captain's Log #41 which adds content for all their games. If only I had more time to play, I'd pick some of these up.

Looks to be all from this week. Still unpacking, so very little on the game front for me still, but inching closer to making this blog worth reading :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

News for week ending 6/25/10

  • Avalanche Press has added a few new games (and a few have come back up from being out of stock). The new ones look to be Polish Steel and Black SS, both for Panzer Grenadier. Can never have too many scenarios, I suppose.

That might be it, but I might just be missing something. Seems to happen :).

Friday, June 18, 2010

News for week ending 6/18/10

  • Napoleon's War, by Worthington Games has started shipping... and has already sold out. They should be reprinting it in a few months, however. They've also added their first Battle Pack to their website (Click on the tab on the right), for more battles.
  • Avalanche Press has started a line of games to include a book about the history the game is based on. They are going to start with They Shall Not Pass, about the Battle of Verdun. It will include a 64-page book detailing the history of the battle, the game's relation to that history, as well as some tactical tips for the game. Supposedly shipping by the end of the month. This idea is kind of cool... but since I already have the first version of They Shall Not Pass, I may wait for another one of these games to give the idea a try.
  • Decision Games is starting a line of Folio Games that take minutes to learn, can play in 60-90 minutes, and come in a folio, greatly decreasing their cost!
  • Decision Games has also started shipping Strategy and Tactics #263, Cold War Battles 2: Kabul '79 & Pentomic Wurzburg.
  • Compass Games announced Storming the Reich, a follow-up to Red Storm Over The Reich. Covers from D-Day to the Battle of the Ruhr Pocket. Pre-order away!

This week in ASL playesting, I played the most complicated scenario I've tried yet, with minefields, trenches, tanks (whose rules I'm a bit shaky on), bogs, ATMM, and cavalry. I managed to win (because the scenario was somewhat imbalanced), but it was definitely an experience. Really loving the system, the complexity is a bit harsh, but it's definitely worth it.

Moving this weekend! Hopefully adding real stuff to this blog soon after!

Friday, June 11, 2010

News for week ending 6/11/10

  • Amarillo Design Bureau has listed Captain's Log #41 up for order, to be shipped next week. Lots of new ships and scenarios for all their games.
  • Battles Magazine is taking orders for Issue #4: Race for Berlin - The Final Struggle. Don't know a whole lot about the game in the magazine, but there is sure to be great reviews, articles, and news inside as there has been for the past three issues. It should ship next week.
  • Columbia Games has begun shipping Julius Caesar. A card-driven block game about the later Roman Civil wars. Looks pretty good, but you'll probably need to be a fan of both block games and CDGs to get the most enjoyment out of it.
  • DVG added Battle for Stalingrad to their pre-order page. 2-player card game based on the battle.
  • GMT had a new news release. New release schedule, charging schedule, etc. Take a look! Good news at least- Wilderness War is coming out soon! They are also going to be handling the distribution for Consim Press' first game, Beda Fomm. I believe this is a remake of the old GDW game.
  • MMP added Out of the Attic #2 to their pre-order page. It includes several ASL scenarios that have appeared in tournaments (total of sixteen scenarios), and six articles to enhance your play. If you like ASL, it's definitely worth picking up (I plan to!).
  • MMP also announced they would act as the point of sale for Bellica 3rd Generation. I've heard of Roads to Stalingrad, which is supposed to be a good game, but I have no other knowledge of what this means. More games available, one hopes?
  • Panzer Grenadier Headquarters is open! Tons of information about the games and their scenarios, including ways to search for scenarios, find good ones by rating, and so on. If you like the sceries, you'll love the site. Very similar in mission to the ASL Scenario Archive, if anyone's used that.

Also this week, I received Tarleton's Quarter from Against the Odds Magazine. Haven't yet opened it, but I'm sure it has some good historical articles.

Moving in a week! Then maybe gaming again. One can only hope!

Friday, June 4, 2010

News for week ending 6/4/10

  • Avalanche Press has begun shipping Second World War at Sea: Coral Sea. This is supposed to be an intro to their fairly well-regarded SWWaS series. I own several of these games, but really haven't gotten around to trying them. At 20$, it may be a good investment.
  • Clash of Arms has begun shipping The Fires of Midway. Looks very good, although I don't have money for it quite at the moment.

Looks to be it for this week. Really want to be playing games :(.

Friday, May 28, 2010

News for week ending 5/27/10

  • Against the Odds has begun shipping Issue #28, featuring Tarleton's Quarter, a game about the British invading the Southern States during the American Revolutionary War. I'm sure there will be great articles as well, so looking forward to getting it.
  • Mikugames has posted a preliminary date for when they'll start getting payments for their first game, Vol 1. Winter War 1939-1940. Beautiful map, great counters, and just a FANTASTIC looking game! I can't wait! Especially when the rest of the series comes out.
  • Critical Hit Games added a few new ASL products. If you're interested, take a look. I won't list them all.
Looks like I'll be moving on June 19th! My gaming life can finally start again after that

Friday, May 21, 2010

News for 5/21/10

  • DVG mentions that their game Guns Blazing (second game in the Down in Flames series) is in the last days of pre-order (ie today or tomorrow). Order it now if you want it at the pre-order price!
  • Collins Epic Wargames' Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 is in production! That means the people who ordered it should be seeing it in the not-too-distant future. Looking forward to it, myself.

Otherwise, another fairly slow week in gaming news. Girlfriend moved down, a new place found, so another month to get up and moving, and then I should be able to get back into the gaming thing! Then I can have some much more content-inclusive posts coming up!

Friday, May 14, 2010

News for week ending 5/14/10

Yay, more news!

  • Clash of Arms put up a new pre-order: Persian Incursion, exploring the military and political effects of an Israeli military campaign against Iran.
  • DVG is saying that their pre-order price for Down in Flames - Guns Blazing is almost at an end. If you want it at that price, order it!
  • Decision Games is shipping World At War #12, covering an alternate history WWII scenario. Read the page for the situation and more information.
  • GMT Games updated their schedule. One of the things mentioned was a September release of 5 reprints! Flying Colors, Here I Stand, Manoeuvre, Paths of Glory, and Sword of Rome will all be reprinted that month. I'm looking forward to it. May pick up all 5, money permitting :). Some great games in that list!
  • Lock 'N Load will be shipping Lock 'N Load: Swift and Bold V2 early next week. All about the British paratroopers.
I gotta apologize for the lack of non-news updates. I was expecting to have a lot of cool things here, but it just hasn't happened yet. A lot of it is the fact that my girlfriend moves in this weekend, which means I had a LOT of cleaning up to do. Messy messy house, after all. Hopefully in another week or so! I really really want to do more with the site. Hopefully soon.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Week ending 5/7/10 news

Another poor week, gaming-wise (really really trying to rectify it). Won my first game of Advanced Squad Leader on Tuesday during playtesting (never mind that the scenario was probably a bit unbalanced in my favor :().

  • c3i #24 up for pre-order, from GMT games. Plenty of good articles and scenarios included, as always.
  • Birds of Prey: Airborne Alert and Birds of Prey: Reinforcement Pack A are shipping from Ad Astra Games. If I ever actually played my copy of Birds of Prey (or even finished reading the rules) maybe I'd get them.
  • Multi-Man Publishing is having a sale on some products, including an ASL Action Pack bundle for a few days.

That's all for this week. Again, hopefully a wargame of some sort tomorrow, but I guess we'll have to see.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week ending update

No news, that I see at least, but I did get a new game!

Battle for Baghdad from MCS Group. It's a 3-6 player game covering the difficult military/political system in Baghdad from 2003-2008.

Hopefully, I'll get this baby on the table this Saturday, and may actually play some wargames, meaning I'll have a post with real content and pictures!

Friday, April 23, 2010

New arrivals!

Alright, more things came in the mail today:
Not a whole lot going on otherwise. I've been playing Advanced Squad Leader on Tuesday nights at the MMP Headquarters. ASL is a great game, it's always great to get more time playing it. I've started writing a game review, it's just slow coming, since I've never tried it before. Hope to have an attempt at one soon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

News for week ending 4/23/10

  • Avalanche Press has begun shipping Infantry Attacks: August 1914. It's the World War I version of their popular Panzer Grenadier game series. This covers the Eastern Front during that time
  • Victory Point Games will soon be selling Levee en Masse on the 29th, but is apparently available at GMT West. A solitaire game on the French Revolution? That has potential...
  • DDH Games is having a sale! An additional 10% off in-stock games until Saturday. Yeah, short notice, but I'm trying to stick to once a week for news.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

News for 4/15/10

Alright, I'm going to be changing this to doing one news thing a week, most likely. This way I can force myself to post about everything else I'm doing :).

GMT Games has a new pre-order available: Unconditional Surrender. It's a Strategic-level simulation of World War II, including a political system. Also, apparently plays well solitaire! I will definitely take a look at it when it gets closer to being published.

Avalanche Press has begun shipping Second World War at Sea: Spice Islands. 10 scenarios covering the Dutch vs the Japanese.

Also, voting is open for the Charles S. Roberts awards. You can vote here. It's a very well-known award for historical wargaming excellence. You can read about the award here.

Alright, that's it for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be my first review!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things from the weekend, and Monday, 4/12/2010

Oooh, new shiny products!

A few new Pre-orders are up around the web:

  • Lock 'N Load: Swift and Bold V2 (expands Band of Heroes to include British Paratroopers), from Lock 'N Load.
  • Battle for Britain from ADG. I've not played any game on the battle, so I know nothing about how good this will end up being.
  • Fatal Alliances III from ADG. It's a stand-alone game for World War I based off World in Flames.
  • Khaki in Flames from ADG- Khaki replacements for the dark blue Commonwealth counters included in World in Flames.
  • WiF Blitz! from ADG. An Army-level version of World in Flames. Plays the entire war in about 15 hours, according to the site.
  • WiF Master Edition from ADG. Umm, a variant way to play World in Flames that's even more complicated and descriptive? I read through the description, that seems right. Doesn't the game have enough complexity?
I'm doing a better job keeping up with some other companies, so hopefully I can keep people notified twice a week or so about new releases/pre-orders. Who doesn't want to know when great games are coming out?

Monday, April 5, 2010

A package today!

Received my pre-order of Chariots of Fire from GMT today.

Chariots of Fire is volume 14 of the Great Battles of History series, covering ancient battles and military systems. I think it does a fantastic job of giving the players a feel for how ancient military systems work, from the Roman Manipular Legion to the Mongolian horse archers.

This one covers warfare in ancient Egypt and Assyria. It includes 9 scenarios including the Battle of Megiddo (around 1479 B.C.) which may be the earliest battle with fairly accurate historical information, and the battle of Kadesh (around 1300 B.C.), the largest chariot battle in history!

Hopefully I'll give this one a shot sometime, although I've been saying that about the other games in the series for so long, who knows :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wargame Publishers

I added a list of active (still in existence) board wargame publishers on the right. If anyone knows anymore, please let me know!

I left out most DTP publishers, mainly because it's hard to tell if many are still around, and what products they support and whatnot. Plus, I hate having to do work for my games (if they have die-cut counters, I'll happily list them :) ).

Valley Games is also missing, because I think something is up with their website, and don't want to look until I get home.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lock 'N Load arrivals and new P500

Alright, another Lock 'N Load related post.

Received a package on Saturday with two pre-ordered games FINALLY arriving:
  • All Things Zombie: Primarily solo 'wargame' based off survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Plays like Left 4 Dead on a board.
  • Corps Command: Dawn's Early Light: System depicting a what-if scenario of a Soviet attack on NATO forces in Germay in 1985. Same universe as Lock 'N Load's World at War series.

I actually managed to get several (solo) plays of both this weekend, so I'm actually going to try to post my first game reviews sometime during the week!

Lock 'N Load also added a new P500 game: Nuklear Winter 68. They actually added another one, but it's even less of a wargame than this one, so I won't list it (you can check it out if you wish- House of Spirits). Nuklear Winter is a platoon-level alternate-'history' game where the survivors of the Third Reich face a world torn by a nuclaer holocaust. Definitely more a sci-fi game, but it look to have some depth (from the little information I have). May keep an eye on it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Lock 'N Load P500

Space Infantry.

Not sure how I feel about it. Sure, the components look good, and a fun-looking solitaire game that plays in around 20 minutes is sure to get some play, but do I really need another sci-fi game on my wargame shelf? Hmm...

I probably will end up getting it, sadly, simply because I can never pass up a good solitaire game. Assuming it's good, of course. Plus, I love the company- they make plenty of FANTASTIC games already.

This game used to be free though I think, probably should've gotten more information back then :(.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Most recent acquisitions

Well, I haven't been spending a lot of money on new games lately, since I owe so much from taxes this year, but I did get a few new little things:

  • Verdun: A Generation Lost by Against the Odds. This is the 'annual' that I get as part of my Against the Odds subscription. Not only does the game look good (fairly pretty map), but the magazine is sure to have some interesting articles (and some terrible ones, I'm sure). Covers (obviously) the Battle of Verdun, fought during the majority of 1916. Will definitely post if I get around to playing and reading it.
  • Combat Commander: Battle Pack #3 - Normandy by GMT Games. Another expansion (new maps, scenarios, and counters) for the Combat Commander series. I really should play this more.

I have a few more games coming (already paid pre-orders). Will let you guys know what they are when I have them!

New GMT P500 games

GMT Games posted two new games in their P500 yesterday:

Bloody April: Air War Over Arras, France 1917
Next War: Korea.

Air Combat in World War I doesn't particularly interest me, especially since I already have a game covering it.

Next War: Korea however does appeal to me somewhat. It's a remake of Crisis: Korea 1995, and the series as a whole will be covering near future wars in various areas. Contemporary era warfare is pretty interesting, so I'll definitely be keeping up on progress with this one.


I'm going to use this blog to talk about tabletop wargaming, as well as military history.

This will involve plenty of things, as I see fit. Book reviews (my slowly increasing grasp of military history), game reviews/tactics/play-by-plays, and various other things that I feel fit here.

To start, a list of wargames I own is linked to on the right side of the page, but I will be talking about ones that I don't own as well (when appropriate).

Should be a good time :).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A brief summary of my time at PrezCon.

First off, I had a GREAT time. Good gaming, good fun, no downtime from being sick. A very very pleasant experience. I went with my buddy Rob, and we manage to get plenty of gaming done.

Games I played:

I participated in a Kingmaker and Wellington tournament, and lost both in the first round.

Got to play demos of Arcane Legions (a fantastic semi-collectible fantasy miniatures game), and Spearpoint 1943 (from the designer- another fantastic game). Learned the rules for a few other games when I was there, hopefully to make use of them sometime soon!

It was good seeing a lot of games I love or are interested in being played by the people at the convention, and I definitely look forward to next year (assuming it happens!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Whoo, going to PrezCon for the rest of the week and weekend. Not much interest to most of you, but I'm hoping to have a blast. Plenty of wargames to play!

Will post a brief talk when I get back :).