Friday, June 18, 2010

News for week ending 6/18/10

  • Napoleon's War, by Worthington Games has started shipping... and has already sold out. They should be reprinting it in a few months, however. They've also added their first Battle Pack to their website (Click on the tab on the right), for more battles.
  • Avalanche Press has started a line of games to include a book about the history the game is based on. They are going to start with They Shall Not Pass, about the Battle of Verdun. It will include a 64-page book detailing the history of the battle, the game's relation to that history, as well as some tactical tips for the game. Supposedly shipping by the end of the month. This idea is kind of cool... but since I already have the first version of They Shall Not Pass, I may wait for another one of these games to give the idea a try.
  • Decision Games is starting a line of Folio Games that take minutes to learn, can play in 60-90 minutes, and come in a folio, greatly decreasing their cost!
  • Decision Games has also started shipping Strategy and Tactics #263, Cold War Battles 2: Kabul '79 & Pentomic Wurzburg.
  • Compass Games announced Storming the Reich, a follow-up to Red Storm Over The Reich. Covers from D-Day to the Battle of the Ruhr Pocket. Pre-order away!

This week in ASL playesting, I played the most complicated scenario I've tried yet, with minefields, trenches, tanks (whose rules I'm a bit shaky on), bogs, ATMM, and cavalry. I managed to win (because the scenario was somewhat imbalanced), but it was definitely an experience. Really loving the system, the complexity is a bit harsh, but it's definitely worth it.

Moving this weekend! Hopefully adding real stuff to this blog soon after!

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