Friday, June 11, 2010

News for week ending 6/11/10

  • Amarillo Design Bureau has listed Captain's Log #41 up for order, to be shipped next week. Lots of new ships and scenarios for all their games.
  • Battles Magazine is taking orders for Issue #4: Race for Berlin - The Final Struggle. Don't know a whole lot about the game in the magazine, but there is sure to be great reviews, articles, and news inside as there has been for the past three issues. It should ship next week.
  • Columbia Games has begun shipping Julius Caesar. A card-driven block game about the later Roman Civil wars. Looks pretty good, but you'll probably need to be a fan of both block games and CDGs to get the most enjoyment out of it.
  • DVG added Battle for Stalingrad to their pre-order page. 2-player card game based on the battle.
  • GMT had a new news release. New release schedule, charging schedule, etc. Take a look! Good news at least- Wilderness War is coming out soon! They are also going to be handling the distribution for Consim Press' first game, Beda Fomm. I believe this is a remake of the old GDW game.
  • MMP added Out of the Attic #2 to their pre-order page. It includes several ASL scenarios that have appeared in tournaments (total of sixteen scenarios), and six articles to enhance your play. If you like ASL, it's definitely worth picking up (I plan to!).
  • MMP also announced they would act as the point of sale for Bellica 3rd Generation. I've heard of Roads to Stalingrad, which is supposed to be a good game, but I have no other knowledge of what this means. More games available, one hopes?
  • Panzer Grenadier Headquarters is open! Tons of information about the games and their scenarios, including ways to search for scenarios, find good ones by rating, and so on. If you like the sceries, you'll love the site. Very similar in mission to the ASL Scenario Archive, if anyone's used that.

Also this week, I received Tarleton's Quarter from Against the Odds Magazine. Haven't yet opened it, but I'm sure it has some good historical articles.

Moving in a week! Then maybe gaming again. One can only hope!

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