Monday, March 29, 2010

Lock 'N Load arrivals and new P500

Alright, another Lock 'N Load related post.

Received a package on Saturday with two pre-ordered games FINALLY arriving:
  • All Things Zombie: Primarily solo 'wargame' based off survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Plays like Left 4 Dead on a board.
  • Corps Command: Dawn's Early Light: System depicting a what-if scenario of a Soviet attack on NATO forces in Germay in 1985. Same universe as Lock 'N Load's World at War series.

I actually managed to get several (solo) plays of both this weekend, so I'm actually going to try to post my first game reviews sometime during the week!

Lock 'N Load also added a new P500 game: Nuklear Winter 68. They actually added another one, but it's even less of a wargame than this one, so I won't list it (you can check it out if you wish- House of Spirits). Nuklear Winter is a platoon-level alternate-'history' game where the survivors of the Third Reich face a world torn by a nuclaer holocaust. Definitely more a sci-fi game, but it look to have some depth (from the little information I have). May keep an eye on it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Lock 'N Load P500

Space Infantry.

Not sure how I feel about it. Sure, the components look good, and a fun-looking solitaire game that plays in around 20 minutes is sure to get some play, but do I really need another sci-fi game on my wargame shelf? Hmm...

I probably will end up getting it, sadly, simply because I can never pass up a good solitaire game. Assuming it's good, of course. Plus, I love the company- they make plenty of FANTASTIC games already.

This game used to be free though I think, probably should've gotten more information back then :(.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Most recent acquisitions

Well, I haven't been spending a lot of money on new games lately, since I owe so much from taxes this year, but I did get a few new little things:

  • Verdun: A Generation Lost by Against the Odds. This is the 'annual' that I get as part of my Against the Odds subscription. Not only does the game look good (fairly pretty map), but the magazine is sure to have some interesting articles (and some terrible ones, I'm sure). Covers (obviously) the Battle of Verdun, fought during the majority of 1916. Will definitely post if I get around to playing and reading it.
  • Combat Commander: Battle Pack #3 - Normandy by GMT Games. Another expansion (new maps, scenarios, and counters) for the Combat Commander series. I really should play this more.

I have a few more games coming (already paid pre-orders). Will let you guys know what they are when I have them!

New GMT P500 games

GMT Games posted two new games in their P500 yesterday:

Bloody April: Air War Over Arras, France 1917
Next War: Korea.

Air Combat in World War I doesn't particularly interest me, especially since I already have a game covering it.

Next War: Korea however does appeal to me somewhat. It's a remake of Crisis: Korea 1995, and the series as a whole will be covering near future wars in various areas. Contemporary era warfare is pretty interesting, so I'll definitely be keeping up on progress with this one.


I'm going to use this blog to talk about tabletop wargaming, as well as military history.

This will involve plenty of things, as I see fit. Book reviews (my slowly increasing grasp of military history), game reviews/tactics/play-by-plays, and various other things that I feel fit here.

To start, a list of wargames I own is linked to on the right side of the page, but I will be talking about ones that I don't own as well (when appropriate).

Should be a good time :).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A brief summary of my time at PrezCon.

First off, I had a GREAT time. Good gaming, good fun, no downtime from being sick. A very very pleasant experience. I went with my buddy Rob, and we manage to get plenty of gaming done.

Games I played:

I participated in a Kingmaker and Wellington tournament, and lost both in the first round.

Got to play demos of Arcane Legions (a fantastic semi-collectible fantasy miniatures game), and Spearpoint 1943 (from the designer- another fantastic game). Learned the rules for a few other games when I was there, hopefully to make use of them sometime soon!

It was good seeing a lot of games I love or are interested in being played by the people at the convention, and I definitely look forward to next year (assuming it happens!)