Monday, March 29, 2010

Lock 'N Load arrivals and new P500

Alright, another Lock 'N Load related post.

Received a package on Saturday with two pre-ordered games FINALLY arriving:
  • All Things Zombie: Primarily solo 'wargame' based off survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Plays like Left 4 Dead on a board.
  • Corps Command: Dawn's Early Light: System depicting a what-if scenario of a Soviet attack on NATO forces in Germay in 1985. Same universe as Lock 'N Load's World at War series.

I actually managed to get several (solo) plays of both this weekend, so I'm actually going to try to post my first game reviews sometime during the week!

Lock 'N Load also added a new P500 game: Nuklear Winter 68. They actually added another one, but it's even less of a wargame than this one, so I won't list it (you can check it out if you wish- House of Spirits). Nuklear Winter is a platoon-level alternate-'history' game where the survivors of the Third Reich face a world torn by a nuclaer holocaust. Definitely more a sci-fi game, but it look to have some depth (from the little information I have). May keep an eye on it.


  1. Checked these games out on the geek. The zombie game does remind me of L4D. I am surprised you remember how to play. :) Seriously, I would like to try out the Corps Command. It reminds me of an SPI game we used to play about the invasion of Nato. Although, when we played it, it was set in the distant future of 1985. It was called Berlin 1985.

    Ah... the golden days of gaming. There seemed to be a game about every possible war or battle. They all were pretty much the same.

    Your posts are so detailed, I read them so carefully so I don't miss a word!!

  2. 1985 used to be the future? Man, that must've been a long time ago! (although I see that the game mentioned came out in 1980).

    I remember how to play, don't forget I'm still amazing at it!

    And you can skim these posts all you want. I get it :'(.


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