Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Most recent acquisitions

Well, I haven't been spending a lot of money on new games lately, since I owe so much from taxes this year, but I did get a few new little things:

  • Verdun: A Generation Lost by Against the Odds. This is the 'annual' that I get as part of my Against the Odds subscription. Not only does the game look good (fairly pretty map), but the magazine is sure to have some interesting articles (and some terrible ones, I'm sure). Covers (obviously) the Battle of Verdun, fought during the majority of 1916. Will definitely post if I get around to playing and reading it.
  • Combat Commander: Battle Pack #3 - Normandy by GMT Games. Another expansion (new maps, scenarios, and counters) for the Combat Commander series. I really should play this more.

I have a few more games coming (already paid pre-orders). Will let you guys know what they are when I have them!

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