Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wargame Publishers

I added a list of active (still in existence) board wargame publishers on the right. If anyone knows anymore, please let me know!

I left out most DTP publishers, mainly because it's hard to tell if many are still around, and what products they support and whatnot. Plus, I hate having to do work for my games (if they have die-cut counters, I'll happily list them :) ).

Valley Games is also missing, because I think something is up with their website, and don't want to look until I get home.


  1. And double checking confirms that indeed, Valley Games' website has a virus. Thus, the link is not included ;)

  2. I have been looking at some of the GTM games. I have always enjoyed playing the old Avalon Hill games and still have many. I no longer play them because I can't find anyone to play. The shop I play at has just started carrying the GTM line and I am very interested in them. In Arizona we are going to have an expo for these types of games, check out this link.

  3. This is a great list of publishers, man. Great job. There were several I had never seen before. I have a lot of respect for the "little" gaming companies, they have a tough road with the bigger and flashier games that come out each year.

  4. First, I'm not sure what's going on with the Valley Games page. Works sometimes, doesn't work sometimes (and give VERY VERY suspicious results sometimes). They only produce one real wargame, so I think we can do without them permanently.

    @Da Green Skins: What games were you looking at? I own a few, and overall they are very good. A few aren't really my thing, but the quality of the game itself is fantastic. Also, I know about the consimworld expo, I just havne't been able to find time/money to go out there :(. One of these days.

    @Rob: Haven't seen before! Unlikely! I own games from most of them, or you do. And I try extra hard to preorder every game from the little companies- that's why I own some really random things. It's good to have companies try things the bigger companies won't do.

  5. I'm looking at Combat Commander. I am still not totally sold on it yet. It is not a cheap game and I have not seen an open copy. I am going back to the shop on Friday so I might pick it up then.

  6. I will say I haven't met a lot of people who've not liked Combat Commander. I've played a few games of it, and I enjoy it, but it's a difficult one to recommend because of the way it's played, and the fact it's fairly pricey (51 dollars from the wargamedepot).

    The official GMT webpage for the game ( has the current rulebook as a pdf, plus a link to the VASSAL module for the game, which would let you play, and try, the game out for no cost against online opponents (many of whom would be happy to demo the game!).

    Heck, if I get off my butt and get my primary desktop running, I'd happily demo as well... but I've been putting off working on it for months :-\.

  7. Thanks for the information. I will check out the web sites. If I like it then the cost will not be an issue.

  8. Asmo, thanks for the link and mention of Collins Epic Wargames. Just picked up two more distributors- one in Germany and a second in the US. So I can confirm that I'm working hard to get our games into local stores across the globe. If you haven't heard of us, I encourage you to check out our site and download the full preview of our upcoming release Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 (May 2010 ETA). It's a fast-playing 30-minute tactical card-based wargame that is getting a great response so far.

    Anyway, found your link on blogspot and I appreciate it!

    Byron Collins
    Owner, Collins Epic Wargames LLC

  9. Hey Byron!

    I actually was one of the guys who got a demo from you at PrezCon with Spearpoint 1943, then promptly pre-ordered it from you on the spot. I loved it, and have certainly been looking at your Frontline General series.

    Spearpoint is a FANTASTIC game, I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, fun game.

    And no need to thank me, I'm happy to point people to game companies (all few that come here :) ).

  10. Awesome- I remember you from Prezcon. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and hope you're looking forward to release. I'll send it promptly once the first cases arrive.

    I see you're also a PS3 user- I'm on there as well- you can catch me playing Modern Warfare 2 quite a bit - user name is ROUSH2007. I like games of all types and was a long time PC/console gamer before becoming primarily a board wargame / euro gamer.

    We small publishers definitely appreciate anyone who blogs about us as word of mouth is still the best way to get people excited about our games :)


  11. I added you on the PS3. I don't own MW2, but I'm hoping to buy it one of these days, because it looks like a fantastic game.

    I'm definitely looking forward to the release too! It's a game I think I can pitch to a lot of different types of gamers around here, which always makes me happy.


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