Friday, August 6, 2010

News for week ending 8/6/10

  • Avalanche Press had a busy week. Polish Steel is now available... which could mean it's shipping or in production (they are never quite clear). A New Panzer Grenadier Supplement, Go For Broke (featuring some of America's toughest fighters in the later years of WWII) is available for order. Rome at War: Fading Legions is back in print, this time with cardstock maps.
  • L2 has begun shipping Grand Fleet! Many people have doubted it would ever happen, I'm lead to believe, so it's great to see L2 finally release something. Apparently, there's talk that they will be reprinting an old Avalon Hill game, but no word as to which game.
  • Operations Special Issue #3 is in print, and should be available after WBC. This should cover a variety of MMP's games, as well as include two IGS games. I'll have more information at some point.

Also, I received my issue of Against the Odds #29, including the game Buffalo Wings.

Going to Vegas next week! Also, I'm unpacked enough to start dreaming about playing games again. Every day I get closer to having a non-news post come up makes me more and more excited!

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