Friday, October 1, 2010

News for week ending 10/1/10

  • Amarillo Design Bureau released Module Y3: Early Wars and Module Y3G: Early Wars Annexes.  The Early Years stuff is very highly regarded, so if you enjoy Star Fleet Battles, the Y Modules are definitely worth looking at.  The Annexes are valuable for non-SSD information.
  • Avalanche Press announced two new naval games: Kaiser's Navy for their Second World War at Sea system, and Remember the Maine for the Great War at Sea system.  You can order them now, and they should be released this fall.
  • Compass Games announced that they will have 5 new releases in November, including Storming the Reich, Steel Wolves, and a brand new announcement of IJN: The Imperial Japanese Navy, an expansion to Silent War.
  • GMT Games put out a new news release.  In it are several new P500 additions: Operation Dauntless, Space Empires, a Battle for Normandy Expansion, as well as reprints of Fields of Fire and Reds!  Also, a few new mounted maps are going to become available.  Check out their website if you're interested in any of these.
  • Lock 'N Load should be shipping White Star Rising soon!
  • MMP started shipping Tide at Sunrise, a game about the Russo-Japanese War.
Looks to be all for this week.  Plenty going on!

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