Friday, October 8, 2010

News ending :(

Well, no news here anymore.  Consimworld added a page called the Forward Observer, which is pretty comprehensive, covers a lot of smaller publishing companies, and provides all the information I would.  Frankly, I don't think many people are that interested in news off some small blog out here, and I'm glad they have the feature anyway, since it's a great place to get wargaming information.

As for this blog... hmm...  I've really struggled to get it off the ground, primarily because I've struggled to get free time.  With the girlfriend's move down here, her getting laid off, and the uncertaintyy about what they two of us are going to do, it's made it tough. 

I'm hoping to continue putting posts up here, at least once a week, but now they'll actually be more game focused.  Really going to try...

Thanks for reading, regardless :).


  1. Good, don't give up. I just found your site a little while ago.

  2. Nah, not giving up, just really need to focus more on the gaming part of the game, and less on just having news posts. Really, that's what I wanted to do with this blog to begin with, just time worked against me :).

    I'm going to start by pushing myself to do a post a week. Either a Battle Report, a game review, a tactics article, a book review (for military history books), or something else relevant. If I can really push for that once a week thing, I think I can get this blog working :).

    So now I just have to figure out what to do. I have 8 hours on Sunday for some solo gaming, I need to decide what to push myself for... hm...

    Thanks for the support, by the way :)


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