Friday, May 14, 2010

News for week ending 5/14/10

Yay, more news!

  • Clash of Arms put up a new pre-order: Persian Incursion, exploring the military and political effects of an Israeli military campaign against Iran.
  • DVG is saying that their pre-order price for Down in Flames - Guns Blazing is almost at an end. If you want it at that price, order it!
  • Decision Games is shipping World At War #12, covering an alternate history WWII scenario. Read the page for the situation and more information.
  • GMT Games updated their schedule. One of the things mentioned was a September release of 5 reprints! Flying Colors, Here I Stand, Manoeuvre, Paths of Glory, and Sword of Rome will all be reprinted that month. I'm looking forward to it. May pick up all 5, money permitting :). Some great games in that list!
  • Lock 'N Load will be shipping Lock 'N Load: Swift and Bold V2 early next week. All about the British paratroopers.
I gotta apologize for the lack of non-news updates. I was expecting to have a lot of cool things here, but it just hasn't happened yet. A lot of it is the fact that my girlfriend moves in this weekend, which means I had a LOT of cleaning up to do. Messy messy house, after all. Hopefully in another week or so! I really really want to do more with the site. Hopefully soon.

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