Friday, July 2, 2010

News for week ending 7/2/10

  • Against the Odds is shipping (or soon to ship). Issue 29, including Buffalo Wings, a game about air combat during World War II over Finland. Looking forward to getting it.
  • Amarillo Design Bureau has a few new products as well- War & Peace for their Federation Commander game, adding the Vudar, the ISC, and the Andromedans. If only I got to play more! Module R12: Unusual Ships for Star Fleet Battles adds failed prototypes, plus interesting things like Seltorian Battlewagons. And finally, Captain's Log #41 which adds content for all their games. If only I had more time to play, I'd pick some of these up.

Looks to be all from this week. Still unpacking, so very little on the game front for me still, but inching closer to making this blog worth reading :)

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