Friday, July 2, 2010

Whoo! I'm listed as a Playtester!

Very small thing, but really exciting for me.

I'm listed as a playtester in MMP's recent release: Out of the Attic #2. Right there at the very end of the playtesting credits is my name. I playtested 3 of the scenarios in the issue. It's a fantastic product, and if anyone plays ASL I'd recommend it, as it contains former tournament scenarios that aren't available in another publication. Definitely worth it.

Anyway, pretty exciting :).


  1. Congratulations my man. What kind of game is it?

  2. Advanced Squad Leader is a squad-level tabletop wargame depicting actions during World War II.

    Here's a picture of a game in progress:

    The scenarios I generally play are a lot smaller, however.

    It also has to be one of the most complicated games out there.

    For instance, want to see if your tank's main armanent hits a tank? 7 hex range would be a base to-hit of 9 (2d6 equal to or under), and there's 18 or so modifiers that can change the roll:

    -a modifier if the firer has to change the covered arc of his weapon (+1 if turreted, +2 if the gun has a slow turret traverse, +3 if the gun is non-turreted)
    -Is the firing vehicle captured or run by non-qualified crew? +2 (or +4 if both apply).
    -and so on and so on.

    Then you roll to kill, which has it's own modifiers, and a full extra chart to give you the base number based off the caliber of the gun + sometimes the nationality of the firer. Things like that.

    There's tons and tons of tables for the game, but on the whole, it plays so elegantly, you rarely notice all the lookups you do. It's really something special.


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