Friday, December 3, 2010

Last weekend gaming

On Black Friday, instead of wasting my time with all that 'shopping' stuff my girlfriend talks about so much, I decided to go play some games at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie with Rob.

It was a pretty interesting event- it ran from 11am till about 3 am on Saturday (and we were there for all but maybe an hour or so of it).  And man, did we get some games in. 

Starting the day off, we played two games of Dust Tactics- a newish release from Fantasy Flight Games.  It uses miniatures, but it's not really much of a 'miniature' game, since a lot of mini concepts don't really fit.  It's pretty simple, and played pretty quick (once we figured out that Rob was teaching the rules wrong ;) ).

Ended up playing it twice, with Rob taking the first scenario, and me the second.

Scenario 1:

Scenario 2, early in the game:

We followed this up by playing two games of Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943. I was the Americans twice, and lost both times. I'm just not sure how to get the Americans to win, grrr.

Next time we play, we should be trying a scenario, maybe that will make the games more competitive.

Next up, we played Incursion, by Grindhouse Games, a Nazi-era game with zombies. It was a pretty good time, and plays similarly to Space Hulk in some ways. Our first (introductory) scenario was a basic one- the Americans have to close off the entrance points to stem the tide of zombies. After a particularly unlucky turn for Rob (playing the Americans) I cruised to a win.

The second game involved both players trying to retrieve an item in the center of the map, and taking it off board. I got there first, but died, and Rob grabbed it and took it off the board for a win.

Some pictures from the second game:

Next up was a game of Warmachine. That gets covered on one of my other blogs.

Next, we played a game of Manoeuvre, a quick-playing favorite of ours. We ended up playing the Ottomans (run by myself), vs the Spanish, run by Rob. After trading some blows early on, I pushed forward for a nightfall victory, by having my cav swarm his side of the board late game.

This picture is a little after halfway through the game. One of my cav units got surrounded up towards the top, but thankfully survived.

Nations at War, scenario 2 followed- I'll put a post up about that here soon.

Hold the Line was next. This is a Worthington Games release covering the Revolutionary War. The scenario tried was the invasion of Long Island, with me playing the British. I'm not sure I really got the hang of this game- the Americans retreated pretty easily, and I wasn't able to put much pressure on them throughout the game.

Early game:

Later on:

We finished up the day with another game of Manoeuvre, with me as the Americans facing off against the Austrians. It came down to the wire- I put myself into position to win on the last roll of the game, assuming an about average roll. Failing that though, I ended up losing.

Lots of gaming, and lots of fun. I also won a copy of the Flames of War Operation Bagration campaign game which was a nice bonus.

Will have the playthroughs of the two games mentioned up as soon as I can!


  1. Awesome! As for playing the Americans in Spearpoint 1943, a tip is to maximize air power- bring in P-38s and Warhawks- against those German tanks. A tank-heavy German deck can be tough, but unless they're packing FlaK 36's or other aircraft (atypical, due to the expense of those tanks...), your air power should be protected... at least for a couple of games until your opponent adjusts. When you feel he's adjusting to deal with your aircraft, take them out and go tank and artillery heavy :)

    If you try a scenario, give the bridge defense one a shot. Have fun!

  2. Yeah, I tried that, but my planes kept getting shot down (I swear, I can't win an initiative roll to save my life). Surprisingly, Rob didn't run very tank heavy, but even so, I just couldn't seem to do enough lasting damage.

    I was actually looking at the bridge defense scenario (as well as the 88 one) for our first try at them. Rob LOVES the game, so is definitely interested in giving it a go. When we do, I'll actually have a more detailed post about the game (instead of my brief mentions of it :) ).

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  4. Thanks! I'll definitely take a look! :)


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