Friday, January 21, 2011

Going to PrezCon 2011

Well, PrezCon 2011 is coming up (end of February!), and I've finally begun planning what I'm going to be bringing and playing there.

I posted a geeklist on Boardgamegeek with the games I will be bringing to PrezCon, as well as what my buddy Rob will be bringing as well.  He'll bring a few other games as well, which are also on the list.  Check out the list here.

If you see these games being played, and see me playing them (I'll be the handsome guy with the red hair.  Handsome-ness not guaranteed), come up and say hi!


  1. Sounds like fun. Wish I could go, but its tax season for the wife and the weekend before a big board meeting for me. Let us know how it went and what games got played.

  2. Once I'm back, I should have a ton of posts going up!


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